Company Profile

Address 5F CERULEAN TOWER, 26-1 Sakuragaokacho, Shibuya-ku
Tokyo Japan 150-8512
Established Feb 12, 1997
Capital 13,075,000 JPY
Financial Strength 2,807,000,000 JPY (Dec 2012)
1,649,230,000 JPY (Dec 2011) *change account clothing month
1,569,477,000 JPY (Mar 2011)
1,480,000,000 JPY (Mar 2010)
1,062,000,000 JPY (Mar 2009)
Officers President Toru Sato
(Executive) Director Koji Ishida
(Executive) Director Akio Tsutsui
(Executive) Director Shunsaku Nita
Auditor Masayuki Nihei
Auditor Natsuko Tateishi
Auditor Tomoyuki Tsujikado
Adviser President of Monozukuri Kenkyujo CO., LTD Tadashi Hojo
Legal Adviser Lawyer of Mirai Sogo Law Offices Takayuki Nishio
Associated Company 上海李瑠多貿易有限公司 100%-owned Local Corporation
Employees 75 (As of Mar 2014)
Line Bank Mizuho Bank Shibuya Chuo Branch
Risona Bank Shintoshin Sales Branch
Mitsui Sumitomo Bank Ebisu Branch
Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank Oji-Ekimae Branch
The Shokochukin Bank Shibuya Branch
Accedence Association Member of the Japan Direct Marketing Association
Our Business ・Selling and planning original beauty products(BabyFoot, QUICKBEAUTY, Raios, etc)
・Sole import agent( Luminox, Libenham)
・Mail order of original beauty products, sundry goods, and imported goods.
 (Rakuten, Original EC etc)
・Sole agent of Bike Heat Jacket (Heatech)
・PR Marketing Planning
Brands Original Beauty Products (BabyFoot, QUCKBEAUTY, Raios etc.), Beauty Goods, List Watch (Luminox, Libenham), Bike Jacket (Heatech), Brand Accessory, Car, Mobile Accessory, Character Products, Import Goods (
Luxury Leather (Bag, Wallet etc.), Novelty Good (Plan, Produce)
Trading Countries United States, Canada, England, France, Italy, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Latvia, Slovakia, Russia, China, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippine, Indonesia, Emirates, Turkey, Jordan, Palestine, Yemen, Saudi Arabia,Germany, Iceland, Australia, New Zealand, Panama, Columbia
Clients Isetan, Odakyu, Hankyu, SOGO/SEIBU, NEUVE A, dinos, Belluna, senshukai, jod, Nissen, Catalog House, Amazon, Jupiter Shop Channel, net price, TV Asahi, Japan Home Shopping, IDA Ryogokudo, Fashion Arata, Nature Lab, Tokyu Hands, XEBIO, ABC mart, SAZABY, other 200 companies

Company History

1997.2 Established in Taito-ku, Tokyo, Japan as a wholesale distributor in the mail-order market
1997.4 Private label foot care product, Haitemitara was launched which later became a big hit.
1998.2 Started import business.
2000.3 Racked up annual sales of 0.7 billion
2000.3 Became the exclusive distributor of the US military watch brand, Luminox in Japan.
2000.7 Relocated to Honmachi, Shibuya-Ku with the business expansion.
2000.10 Parent corporation, Yumemitsuketai Co., Ltd. (Steilar C.K.M Co., Ltd.) went public.
2001.3 Racked up annual sales of 0.9 billion
2001.4 Beauty product department was established to develop private label beauty products and expanded their distribution through LIBERTA CO., LTD.
2001.7 Luminox watches were launched in Japan.
2001.10 PB product Re:party cosmetics launched
2002.3 Racked up annual sales of 1.0 billion.
2002.10 Relocated to Sakuragaoka-Cho, Shibuya-Ku with the business expansion.
2003.4 Produced a TV program of Diet product with a video production company for TV shopping,
using a famous entertainer Mikawa Kenichi for advertising, later becam big hit
2003.4 Luminox Tokyo (the first retail store of Luminox watches in Asia) opened in Gaienmae, Tokyo.
2003.10 Private label beauty products launched through retail stores.
2004.4 Produced a TV program of PB product Slinky Touch with a video production company for TV shopping,
launched through retail stores, later became big hit due to the multiplier effect with media
2004.4 Concluded an agreement with one of the biggest beauty salon La Parler
2004.4 Tied up with a dermatologist, video production company and La Parler to produce a TV program of PB product Quick Beauty Medicated Deodorant Cream for TV shopping, launched through retail stores, later became big hit due to the multiplier effect with media
2004.5 Relocated the main office with Luminox Tokyo to Daikanyama, Tokyo with the business expansion.
2004.8 Became a spin-off company from the parent company Yumemitsuketai Co., Ltd.
2005.4 Concluded a license agreement with famous cartoon “Heidi, a girl of the Alps”, developed and launched Heidi soap
2005.4 Advertising development established to increase the promotion through fashion magazines,
informational magazines and TV programs, issued a number of press release
2005.5 Quick Beauty Medicated Deodorant Cream became big hit through land broadcasts CS,
BS TV shopping channel throughout Japan
2005.8 Became subsidiary wholly owned by Liberta Holdings
2005.10 For specializing in beauty business, the business of exclusive Luminox watch distribution was transferred to group company, L-Style Co., Ltd.
2006.3 Produced a TV program of PB product Baby Foot with a video production company for TV shopping,
launched through retail stores, later became big hit due to the multiplier effect with media
2006.3 Baby Foot became big hit in QVC TV shopping channel
2006.4 Concluded an agreement with a charismatic cosmetic surgery doctor Ikeda Yuko
2006.5 Numbers of Trading stores for PB products exceeded 4000
2007.1 Relocated to Shibuya, Tokyo with the business expansion.
2007.4 Merged with Liberta Holdings Co., Ltd. and as a result became the parent company of L-Age Co., Ltd., L-Style Co., Ltd., and L-Garage Co., Ltd.
2007.4 Started exporting products.
2009.2 The number of total sales of QB Medicinal Deodorant series exceeded 2 million pieces.
2009.11 The number of total sales of Baby Foot series exceeded 1 million pieces.
2010.1 The promotion activity of Baby Foot won the prize of excellence of PR Award from Public Relations Society of Japan.
2010.2 Established the overseas subsidiaries, Shanghai Liberta Trade Co., Ltd. in Shanghai, China.
2010.3 Sguard Rock-On Mascara was given the Best Supplier Award in the cosmetic category from MOMO TV shopping (Fubon Multimedia Technology Co., Ltd.) in Taiwan.
2010.4 The numbers of the trading stores for the private label products exceeded 7000.
2010.9 Established ‘’LIBERTA USA. INC‘’ in United States
2011.2 LIBERTA absorbed L-AGE, L-STYLE, and L-GARAGE
2011.5 BabyFoot earned the prize for Gold Awards of Monde Selection 2011 in Cosmetics
2011.5 Luminox TOKYO removed to Shibuya-Ku, Shibuya
2011.9 Luminox opened fourth store in Fukuoka, Chuo-Ku, Daimyo
2011.9 Libenham opened first store in Chuo-Ku Ginza, Tokyo
2011.12 Changed account closing month from March to December.
2012.2 Relocated Head Quarter to Shibuya-Ku, Sakuragaoka at Cerulean Tower with business expansion.
2012.5 BabyFood earned the prize for Gold Awards of Monde Selection 2012 in Cosmetics for the second year.
2012.7 BabyFood total sales exceed 4 million pieces.
2012.7 Luminox opened fifth store in Nishi-Ku, Osaka
2012.9 ‘’Daikanyama Okaimonodori‘’ earned the prize for monthly MVP.
2012.10 Acquired a manufacturing and distribution license of Quasi-drug and Cosmetics.