Creating a desire to develop leading emerging hits

Our unique “selling know-how” is a creative work cultivated from all knowledge, experience,
and achievements from the “mail order business” at the time of its founding to the present.
We will build a training system to improve planning and marketing design ability
to continuously create new products that lead to the hit products.

  • Original hit making method
    • ■Developing a key of emerging hit products in a domestic market
    • ■The system to increase the development of hit making probability
    • ■Training system for improving planning and editing skillsConducting practical training based on the expression development sheet,
      subjects and themes.

    Acquiring the skills of Imagining things from the user’s point of view and communicating in an easy-to-understand manner

  • Theme for new product development“Safety, security, health, hygiene, defense”

    Specializing in “niche needs” because people’s hobbies
    and tastes are diversifying today

    • ■Deodorant cream
    • ■Cosmetics for cosplayers
    • ■Deep skin exfoliation without scraping
    • ■Military watch
    • ■Electric heating clothing for motorcyclists
    • ■Bad breath treatment for when you wake up

    People’s potential worries and joys are hidden in niches!

New product test & roll system “TRM”

While planning and selling many new products, there are problems that can present risks of
: development costs, overstock, defective products.

By implementing the Test & Roll Marketing Scheme (TRM),
we do not only reduce risk, but also focus on narrowing down which products to sell and use promotion budgets,
This approach has led to additional popular hit products.

Minimize risk!
Improve efficiency by investing at a reasonable cost!