Continue to make and grow emerging hits

  • 種まき
  • 芽が出る
  • 芽を樹木へ

Creation of the value from the merging hit based on
our unique product planning method through collaboration
with companies with technology and materials

We have been in business for over 20 years with the method drawing on the low
from the age of low-mix mass production to the age of high-mix low-volume production.
For this reason, we have the ability to adapt to change as our products span a wide variety of genres and achieve high profit margins.

[Connect] Connects a wide variety of products and sales channels

  • Partner Connecting high-tech manufacturers with high-quality manufacturers

    • ①Manufacturers that handle their own materials
    • ②Manufacturers that make high-quality products with advanced technology
    • ③Craftsmen who are particular about making things
    • ④Manufacturers who make highly original products
    • ⑤Individuals with many followers on social media
    • ⑥Companies that want to make their own line of popular products
    • ⑦Influential people and opinions that have a strong impact on the industry
    • ⑧Overseas manufacturers who want to win over the Japanese market
    • ⑨Companies seeking overseas sales channels
    • ・Beauty
    • ・Household / Daily miscellaneous goods
    • ・Functional clothing
    • ・Watches / Eyeglasses
    • ・Processed foods
    • ・Beauty care / health / miscellaneous goods, etc.
  • Distribution channels

    • ・Mail order
    • ・Drug stores
    • ・Variety shops
    • ・Selected shops
    • ・Sporting goods stores
    • ・Motorcycle supply stores
    • ・Fishing supply stores
    • ・Overseas sales channels, etc.